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Cubs Take Off

As part of their Air Adventure Skills Badge, the Cub Section visited Galway Flying Club on Sunday 21st February  May at 09:30. There were a few sleepy heads but everyone had a great time.

A really big thank you to the Galway Flying Club for all their help, wonderful explanations and patience. A full set a of photographs is available.


IMG_9033 IMG_9034

Tent Restoration Project

Well done to all the Scouts and Scouters who have been helping out with the Icelandic II Tent Restoration project. Over 60 man hours of work has been undertaken and the first Icelandic II Tent has been restored. The restoration involved a lot of hard work by the Scouts and consisted of

  1. Pitch the tent
  2. Wash and scrub the tent both inside and out with Biological detergent to remove stains, kill the mildew etc.
  3. Leave the tent exposed to the elements in particular the rain for several days
  4. A second wash for the inside of the tent and stubborn external stains
  5. Replace all of the guy and brailing ropes. This involved
    1. cutting the old ropes
    2. cutting new lengths
    3. burning the ends
    4. rethread into the tent
    5. re-splicing the corner guys
    6. 60 ropes were replaced in this manner
  6. Damp down the canvas and water proof using a commercial water proofing product
  7. Allow to dry and pack up.

Now that the first tent has been restored, work will commence on the second tent.

Tent before Restoration

Tent before Restoration

Tent after Restoration

Tent after Restoration

A full set of photographs is available.